Under The Radar: The Immigrant Worker Struggle for Fair Wages on Long Island is the culmination of several weeks of reporting on the difficulties faced by immigrant employees to get their due wages, a problem currently impacting suburban Long Island. This website aims to provide extensive information on the workers who are being cheated out of their wages because their employer fails to pay them proper overtime compensation and minimum wage for their hours worked – a frequent problem in low wage industries. The Federal Department of Labor is cracking down on such companies who aren’t complying with the wage and hour laws of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

My name is Ana Llacer and I’m a Stony Brook University Journalism (broadcast concentration) graduate. This site was created as a multimedia project for a senior level class. I decided to do this project after investigating a previous story that was focused on the Latin American immigrant community on Long Island as well. I interviewed several people who thought this was a big problem not only on Long Island, but also in the rest of the country. My goal was to describe to the actual problem affecting Long Island immigrant communities and to detail the efforts of some organizations trying to provide immigrant workers a fair pay.

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