The Changing Profile of Long Island’s Economy: How U.S.-born workers have fared as immigration has grown by Fiscal Policy Institute

This report shows the big overall immigrant contribution to Long Island’s economy, stressing the diversity of immigrant jobs, but also looking at whether immigrants are displacing U.S.-born workers or lowering wages. For nearly all Long Island residents the answer is no. However, there is reason for concern about African American men with a high school diploma or less. They seem to be losing ground (higher unemployment rates) as immigrant share of the labor force increases. This issue deserves attention despite the fact that unemployment rates on Long Island were too high even before much immigration.

Across the Spectrum: The Wide Range of Jobs Immigrants Do by Fiscal Policy Institute

Immigrants are by no means all low-wage workers in the 25 largest metropolitan areas, as this new report shows. In many metro areas, there are more higher-skilled immigrants than there are lower-skilled. Surprisingly, these are not the metro areas with the most economic growth; rather, they are areas with low overall immigration, including Pittsburgh, Detroit, and St. Louis. This is a companion report to Immigrants and the Economy.

Working for a Better Life by Fiscal Policy Institute

What role do immigrants play in the New York State economy? How about in upstate New York? In the downstate suburbs? In New York City? What countries do immigrants come from? Where do they work? How well are they doing?

Human Rights and Poverty:
A Case Study of Mexican Day Laborers in Farmingville, New York by Meghan Holohan Human Rights and Poverty Fall 2008 Professor Sakiko Fukuda-Parr

The case of Farmingville shows how a rapid influx of immigrants to a mostly-white suburban town can lead to tension, hatred, and discrimination. In the 1990s, there was a large construction boom on Long Island that resulted in a high demand for cheap labor. Immigrants began arriving in Farmingville from Hidalgo, a state west of Mexico City, and word spread to their family members and friends about the economic opportunities available in Farmingville and throughout Suffolk County (Claffey).

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